I’ve started this project in 2009 right after horrible Massa’s accident on Hungaroring. I was fully aware that it won’t be easy and all open-wheeler traditionalists and fans might kill me just for thinking about closing F1 cockpits for good 😉

Anyway, I’ve decided to play with traditional look of modern F1 car and try to convince all that closed cockpit could still look good! I’ve chosen Ferrari for my concept basically because I’m a huge Ferrari fan and a huge fan of R.Kubica and I just would like to see him alongside Alonso driving for my most favourite team – that’s why you can see his name on the car. I hope someday it become reality. Get well soon Robert :)

Regarding aerodynamic properties and the way how the driver could escape from the car within 5 seconds, please do not ask me, lets leave this for those magicians like Adrian Newey, I just wanted to make it looks good 😉

The concept was rendered in photoshop and here’s a short description how my modest project was done:

It All started with the sketch ( I know that it is really awful sketch, sorry for that, but actually it was sufficient to start further work)…

then I started to work in PS, very early stages below :

started to work on the rear-wing :

front air intake :

after many days and hours of work (whole project took me about 2 years but I wasn’t working on daily basis, just from time to time) it started to look like this (fixing perspective issues):

fixing perspective issues (still) :

final render:


front wing

engine air intake

side air intake

rear suspension

rear wing

front suspension

front wing

Additional real-background render:

That’s it :) Thanks for watching!

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It is just a fanart!