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When I recently  saw images of the new F12 Berlinetta for the first time I was literally speechless.  When Ferrari has released their  F458  model I thought at that time that there is no any other car which looks better, no way.  Now they did it again! F12Berlinetta is just perfect looking car!












Ferrari F12Berlinetta | source :

But what will happen if we mix the standard F12 Berlinetta with another piece of art from Ferrari – 599XX – the car specially designed for  track use only?












Ferrari 599XX | source :

As a huge fan of  both these cars  I thought that I will try imagine how the special, not street legal version of the new F12 Berlinetta could look like.

So here it is – Ferrari F12XX Berlinetta.





















Don’t know why but from time to time when I look at it that front center vent reminds me a GT-R somehow,  so…

..additional render without that thing :












Quickie black:













It is only one front shot for now, but I plan to render more views shortly. Stay tuned.

Thanks for watching!

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It is just a fanart!


Ferrari F12XX Berlinetta | Fan Render , 9.1 out of 10 based on 18 ratings