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The new M4 F82 caught uncovered in Poland! ;)

Obviously it is a joke – according to the interview with Matt Russell (BMW NA M Brand Manager) posted on , BMW will stop the production of the currentĀ  E92 M3 Coupe in the middle of 2013 and there will be no M3/M4 successor before this so it would be rather impossible to catch this car so early.

Anyway, it is my second attempt at rendering the new M3/M4 Coupe model. I’ve decided to render the second version in alpine white – very popular color among the current E92 M3 users. The main design is similiar to the previous renders but there are some changesĀ  and few new details.

You can see my first attempt here:

There are not too much spy-images of the new 4-series coupe available but this video shows general shape of the upcoming bmw:

Bmw 4-Series Spy-Video | source :

Here are my renderings:


The front headlights shape is changed a little bit compared to the original F30 headlights, they are shortened and I’ve added some additional 8-series style horizontal grill on both side of the central bmw air intake.

Front bumper almost exactly the same as in my previous attempt – it is a little bit more subtle however.

Rear bumper with quad exhaust in similiar position as current E92 M3.

Additional in motion render:

Other colors:

Thanks for watching!

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It is just a fanart!

Bmw M3/M4 Coupe (F82) | Speculative render, 8.0 out of 10 based on 45 ratings